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Ding Weijie, Party Secretary of the Lianyungang City Federation of Trade Unions, visited Kelunduo, Jiangsu for research work

On April 14, 2020, Ding Weijie, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Lianyungang City Federation of Trade Unions, led a group of 8 leaders of the City Federation of Trade Unions to visit Jiangsu Kelunduo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. to investigate the industrial workers' team construction reform seminar, Guanyun County Xu Shunda, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, accompanied the investigation. Firstly, Feng Kuanyu, Chairman of Kronduo, reported through the company ’s talent team building, personnel benefits, employee security, and long-term standardization of the company. Afterwards, Secretary Ding said that Krondo Company is working on the construction of the workforce This piece is at the forefront of all private enterprises, which protects the interests of employees and contributes to society. The company has a perfect system and a high political position. I hope that the company can proceed in an orderly manner and achieve higher progress.


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