phosphate acetate,magnesium carbonate,magnesium chloride,calcium citrate

Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.

Pursue an excellent team, cast an excellent team, and create corporate brilliance together (Jiangsu Kolod went to Zhaolonglin Bay Jungle Park to carry out team building activities)

In 2020, a sudden new crown virus disrupted all rhythms and plans. However, with the wise decisions of the country’s leaders and the unity of the people across the country, the epidemic has achieved a phased victory. In this epidemic, many people lost their jobs and many companies closed down. For our Jiangsu Colundo Group, we have a healthy body and stable income. We should cherish our current work, team and life even more. In order to increase communication and exchanges between everyone, give everyone an opportunity to release pressure, and at the same time enhance the cohesion of the team, and build an excellent team that cooperates with each other, the company organized a team building activity to Zhaolonglin Bay Jungle Paradise on May 23, 2020 .



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