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Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.

Volunteer to pass on civilization, service achievements are wonderful (Volunteers from Jiangsu Kolod went to Chaohe Bay for cleaning and sanitation activities)

On June 29, 2020, 15 volunteers from Jiangsu Kelunduo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. went to Chaohe Bay Scenic Area in Guanyun County to carry out voluntary service activities with the theme of “Volunteer Passing Civilization and Service Achievement” to clean up and clean up garbage And weeds to maintain the surrounding environment of the scenic spot. Through the joint efforts of all staff, the scenic environment has been completely new. It is everyone’s responsibility to care for the environment, mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm and consciousness to protect the environment, beautify the scenic environment, and the effect is very good. At the end of the activity, the volunteers discovered that a car accidentally drove into the ditch on the side of the road at the entrance of the scenic spot. Volunteers from Corundo acted immediately to help the car owner push the tour bus out, explaining Corundo” The fine tradition of “helping others if you can help others”.



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