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“Strengthen the body, unite and cooperate, work hard and enterprising”-Kolod Group organizes the National Day basketball friendly match

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, in order to create a warm and festive atmosphere, enrich the amateur cultural life of the majority of employees, improve the physical fitness of the employees, cultivate the team spirit of unity and cooperation among employees, and enhance cohesion and centripetal force, October 8, 2020, Colundo The group held the “Celebrate National Day” basketball friendly match. The athletes on the field showed their passion for sports, worked together and worked together to fully carry forward the sportsmanship of “friendship first, competition second” and brought a wonderful visual feast. The athletes relied on their clever passing. , Gorgeous turn, wonderful shots, perfect cooperation, and final lore, won bursts of applause. After fierce competition, the representative team of Kexin Company won the crown, and Kelunduo Company and Sha Yingxi Company tied for second place. Through this competition, each representative team has achieved a level, a result, and a style. The majority of participating players have established a good sense of teamwork and collective awareness, which fully demonstrates the hard-working and enterprising spirit of the Coron people.



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