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Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.

Kolod, Jiangsu Holds 2020 Guanyun County Limited Space Emergency Rescue Drill

On the afternoon of October 22, 2020, Jiangsu Kelunduo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. held an emergency rescue drill for production safety accidents in industrial, mining, and commercial enterprises in Guanyun County in 2020. Sponsored by Guanyun Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Guanyun County Emergency Management Bureau, Guanyun County Ecological Environment Bureau, Guanyun County Public Security Bureau, Guanyun County Fire Rescue Brigade, Guanyun County Health Commission, Guanyun County Meteorological Bureau Co-organized by Jiangsu Kelunduo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shayingxi Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Keluoji Health Technology Co., Ltd., emergency rescue of production safety accidents (limited space operations) in Guanyun County industrial, mining and commercial enterprises jointly participated by multiple units On-site monitoring and actual combat drills. By simulating actual combat scenarios of personnel poisoning accidents in the sewage collection tank of Jiangsu Kelundo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd., scenes of accident occurrence, discovery, self-rescue, reporting, rescue and environmental pollution disposal are simulated on-site. The exercise covered cardiopulmonary resuscitation, 120 first aid, weather monitoring, atmospheric monitoring, etc. A total of more than 100 rescue team members participated in the exercise. Through drills, the county’s enterprise safety development awareness will be further improved, the idea of ​​life first and safety first is promoted, the safety production responsibility system is continuously improved, major safety accidents are resolutely curbed, and disaster prevention, mitigation and disaster relief capabilities are improved.



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