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Introduction of food grade tricalcium phosphate

Introduction of food grade tricalcium phosphate

2018.06.26 Company News 495

Food grade calcium phosphate is one of the main nutritional supplements, fortified calcium intake in food, can also be used for the prevention or treatment of calcium deficiency symptoms. At the same time, calcium phosphate can be used as anti caking agent, pH regulator in food, such as flour buffer. Anti caking agent (dispersant). Milk powder, candy, pudding, condiments, meat additives, animal oil refining additives, food for yeast.

Microencapsulated tricalcium phosphate, one of the body calcium source, buried calcium from Spain Lipofoods company production of microcapsules package (LIPOCAL), is a kind of calcium phosphate as raw material, after ultrafine grinding, and then wrapped into a lecithin calcium microcapsule diameter is 3 to 5 microns.

High absorbent LIPOCAL, due to its use of lecithin were embedded. The cell membrane phospholipid lecithin and the molecular structure of intestinal epithelial cell structure is similar, when lecithin and cell membrane exchange or direct embedding, liquidity can increase the intestinal epithelial cell membrane, thus enhance the absorption of nutrients. When calcium released from the microcapsules, can easily penetrate the intestinal mucosa or cell gap into the blood circulation. According to University of Barcelona in Spain an experiment: calcium phosphate after microencapsulated, bioavailability can be increased by 41%.

In addition, calcium phosphate as one of the daily source of calcium, calcium compared to other products, its advantage is that it can also provide calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus in the body to maintain balance is very important, because these two kinds of minerals are essential substances in bone formation, so if you can not reach the two kinds of material balance, but calcium it is usually difficult to achieve the ideal effect of calcium intake.

Use and composition of calcium phosphate:Calcium phosphate is an important food additive. It has many functions, such as anticoagulation, buffering, water retention and so on. It is also an important additive of nutritional protein powder .Calcium phosphate, Ca3 (PO4) 2, is a white solid. It is insoluble in water and can dissolve very slowly in the soil. The melting point is 1670 degrees, and the fertilizer effect is slow

Also called tartar tartar, its main component is calcium phosphateApplication: used as anti caking agent, buffer, water retaining agent, acidity regulator, stabilizer and nutrient fortifier in the food industry

Storage and transportation: This product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, in case of rain and moisture during transportation, light and light when handling, prevent packing damage, prevent moisture, and store it separately when stored

Other:Used in the manufacture of milk glass, ceramics, paint, mordant, medicine, fertilizer, animal feed additive, syrup clarifying agent, plastic stabilizer.

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